Jordan, A World of Discovery

Jordan is a Middle-Eastern gem that welcomes travelers into its beautiful landscape throughout the year. It is a popular destination for many travelers;  including adventure seekers, luxury go-getters, and historians that seek a touch of both traditional and modern society.

Home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites and a Wonder of The World, you’ll find an array of landmarks to add to your bucket list. From ancient sites in the midst of busy city streets and buzzing nightlife, it’s a haven for many travelers seeking a remarkable Eastern getaway.

Jordan is starting to become one of the premier destinations in the region, and as a result, witnessed the emergence of many international hotel brands in the capital, Amman, and other touristic spots such as The Dead Sea and Petra over the last years.

We’ve gathered the top attractions to visit on your trip… Read below on this upcoming destination!


Wadi Rum

You might recognize this dessert from Hollywood hits Lawrence of Arabia, Transformers, The Martian, and more. Wadi Rum is a fascinating site of limitless sand, sun, and stars. Gaze into endless sandstone mountains that allow for a trip of reflection, simplicity, and nomadic experiences. Journey into a reflective desert adventure and set eyes on some of the most memorable sunsets and sunrises you’ve seen.


Wadi Rum can be visited as a day-trip, but staying in one of its many accommodations is recommended. For instance, you can camp in traditional Bedouin campsites or stay in the newly-emerged luxury bubble camps. You’ll definitely feel like you’re on Mars!

Petra, the Rose City

Also known as The Lost City, Petra is one of Jordan’s most popular and visited sites. Petra was once a thriving city of trade and the capital of the Nabatean empire between 400 B.C and A.D 106.

Petra has been a World UNESCO Site since 1985 and was named one of the 7 Wonders of the World in 2007. It a popular destination for millions of travelers across the world for its ancient archaeological beauty and history.

When you visit Petra and through The Sik, you’ll be welcomed by ancient architecture and carvings 0f the city’s old inhabitants. There are other trails along The Sik that will interest your inner adventurer and be able to shop from the local markets through your stroll.


Dead Sea

Visit the lowest point on Earth at The Dead Sea for a therapeutic and memorable experience.  Located 431m below sea-level, it’s the perfect mix for beach living and wellness escapes.

The Dead Sea’s popularity comes from its salty water, which is ten times saltier than seawater. Also, its world-famous mineral mud has several medicinal and therapeutic uses. It’s a common attraction for ancient visitors like Cleopatra and King Herod who visited often for wellness and to soak some Jordanian sun.

Stay in one of the many luxurious resorts along the sea and revel in a calm sanctuary-like setting. Most accommodations offer private beaches where you can float in its salty water and cover yourself in mineral-infused mud.



Aqaba is located on the southern strip of the country is home to beachgoers and locals looking for sea-side escapes. It’s Jordan’s only beach-side city and welcomes visitors from all over the region.


Enjoy some adventure like water sports, diving experiences, boat rides, and much more. In addition, you can enjoy a luxurious getaway on Aqaba’s coastline in various hotels and communities. You’ll find a selection of hotels around the city to cater to all your needs, including those in sea-side communities such as Ayla and Tala Bay.

Jordanians and travelers from the region visit Aqaba for its warm weather all-year-round to enjoy the lively streets, dining and entertainment venues, and some fun in the sun.



Amman, the capital city, blends the old and the new on stunning hills between the desert and the Jordan Valley. In Amman, you’ll find modern and old architecture, art galleries, and several dining and entertainment districts.

Make sure to visit some story-telling architecture at The Citadel and The Temple of Hercules. Stroll through the streets of the old town “Al Balad” to enjoy local markets that satisfy all your senses. With a range of trendy boutiques, shopping districts, and a lively night scene, you’ll fall in love with the perfect mix of heritage and modern living. The city offers an exceptional amount of rooftop lounges that boast views of the beautiful hills that surround you.



Not only is Jordan popular for its world-known attractions and sites, but also for the traditional hospitality and charming lifestyle of the people who live there. Make sure to check out all that Jordan has to offer before heading off to this special destination!


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Hala TaherFebruary 28, 2021