A Cultural Experience in Denmark

Planning a post-pandemic escape? Head on a Scandinavian adventure this summer and explore the marvels of Denmark. Discover incomparable hospitality from the locals and stroll through fairy-tale-like castles this summer!

This destination hosts some of the most renowned architectural landmarks and artistic tales throughout every corner, making it a top destination for many around the globe. Friendly locals, delicious culinary experience, and bustling culture scenes are just some of the many experiences that this special destination has to offer. From Copenhagen to Odense, there’s so much culture to take in as you arrive in Denmark. Whether you seek some leisure experiences or cultural tours, there’s an array of attractions to explore.

At the time of writing this blog, Denmark is welcoming vaccinated travelers without mandatory quarantine on arrival. US travelers must show proof of vaccination and a two-week passing period from the second dose to avoid quarantine.

You may be overwhelmed with the range of sights and landscapes to visit during your stay, that’s why we’re bringing you the top destinations of this Scandinavian gem!


First, Copenhagen is the largest city and the capital of Denmark. This lively city brings one of the most exciting experiences from Michelin-star restaurants, a celebrated cultural scene, and much more. Additionally, the city was marked as one of the most livable places in the world due to its incomparable quality of life.Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most tranquil cities and brings a unique take on culinary, art, and history throughout every corner. For instance, the city is home to 15 Michelin-starred restaurants bringing unique and innovative dining to many of the city’s locals and visitors. Furthermore, it brings a prominent café culture to life with a vast amount of street cafes celebrating art and culture.

To start, embrace the warm season with a trip to Nyhavn, a lively street bringing one of the best cultural experiences the city has to offer. This hub features bright-colored buildings by the canal that serve a range of artistic, commercial, and dining venues with breathtaking views. Another beautiful sight is Christiansburg, located on the small island of Slotsholmen. This 800-year-old palace is home to the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s, and the Supreme Court. However, parts of the palace are open to the public for visitation for its historical presence.

If you’re looking for some leisurely shopping, take on the streets of Strøget; just a five-minute walk from Christiansburg. The dynamic paths in this neighborhood lead to many high-end boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Also, the pedestrianized streets bring a different experience when you’re exploring the bustling venues.

Still, whether you chose to stroll down the streets of this exceptional city or go on an exploration to well-known museums and palaces, Denmark is a place for any type of traveler.

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Within the borders of Copenhagen, you’ll find a little neighborhood governed by its own people and its own rules. Ultimately, this city is considered hippy-central and was founded more than 40 years ago.

Moreover, the city welcomes millions of visitors every year into its premises to discover the free lifestyle of the people within it. The society of Christiania lives within its own laws and excelled with its sustainable living practices; which is one of its top achievements.

Cars are not permitted inside this inhabited city, locals and visitors are only allowed to stroll or use their bicycles within the borders. You’ll find an array of cafes, shops, and lifestyle experiences when you go.


Secondly, take a trip to an attraction-filled city, Aarhus. Aarhus is the second-largest city in the destination and brings a large selection of cultural experiences to many around the world. Moreover, it features a wealth of music, art, and architectural wonders dating back to history. The city is relatively easier to navigate around and provides tourists with a leisurely experience like no other.Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus is found by the Vikings many years ago, and the attractions and wealth of landscapes show Viking civilization in every corner. Start off your trip by strolling down Klostergade, Volden, and Borggade; all located in the Latin Quarter. This area was previously settled by Vikings and is now a hub of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants along narrow pavements.

Additionally, you’ll find one of the largest museums in Europe inside the borders of Aarhus, The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum. The museum consists of 10 floors, each a work of art of its own. The highlight of the museum is Your Rainbow panoramic walkway. This circular walkway is 150 meters long and boasts views of the city from every angle. Another must-see attraction is The Old Town museum. This open-air hub consists of 75 historic buildings from the 16th century. You’ll find stunning old housing, shops, and more as you discover the rich history of the area.

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Finally, experience the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, and author of some of the most renowned fairy tales. Located in the garden island of Denmark, this city is filled with palaces and manors that tell a tale of poetry and wisdom. Odense is a two-hour drive from Copenhagen and can also be reached by train from the stunning countryside.Odense, Denmark

One of the best experiences to discover is a trip to Egeskov Castle. This castle still houses the Ahlefeldt family of Denmark. It is open to different kinds of experiences for adults and children throughout the day. For example, it hosts an award-winning park, stunning chambers, and Europe’s first camping outdoor museum. Also, it features a famous dollhouse named Titania’s Palace.

Additionally, the city hosts a huge range of museums full of unique experiences. These include the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, which features Andersen’s work in artifacts and exhibits. Also, The Time Collection Museum is a must-visit. This museum allows you to touch exhibits, try on decade clothing, and more. Each room in this museum defines a certain period of time in this destination’s rich history.

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