Experience Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only popular for its picture-perfect beach setting, but also for its unique landscape for sustainable tourism and wildlife diversity.

The term Pura Vida, the Pure Life, delivers the essence of the country’s peaceful and laid-back lifestyle. The destination offers both beach life and adventure, attracting different types of travelers throughout the year.

Costa Rica welcomes all sorts of travelers looking to find peace and serenity.  For instance, some seek adventure in the country’s national parks, waterfalls, forests, and volcanoes. Others visit for an oasis of sea life in the many coastal areas that provide genuine hospitality.

Here are our top go-to spots when visiting Costa Rica:

San Jose

Firstly, San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is situated in the heart of the country. It is one of the most popular provinces due to its diverse urban landscape being a hub for international and local tourism. Situated in the Central Valley of the country, you’ll find various entertainment districts including museums, parks, and historical buildings. You’ll be astonished by the majestic volcanoes and green forests that pursue that natural richness of Costa Rican territory.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Make sure to visit neighborhoods like Barrio Amon and Escalante to experience contemporary art galleries and dining venues. Explore the local markets and culture of the people in the city. Join the crowds at Parque La Sabana to enjoy live music in the city’s most vibrant nightlife districts.

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The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Monteverde is home to some of the rarest habitats on Earth through a wide range of cloud forests, vegetation, and wildlife. It spreads across 26,000 acres of cloud forests and ecosystems.

Montverde Costa RicaIt has habitats for hundreds of species, adding to Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystem. Only 3% of Monteverde is accessible to tourists, while the other 97% is protected for its wildlife and bird ecosystems.

It also offers a range of butterfly farms that show some of the most beautiful species in the world. Make sure to hike through the many cloud forest trails as you experience wildlife like never before!

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Arenal Volcano National Park

Found in the North, The Arenal Volcano is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. The park tours are countless due to surrounding rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, and hotels. It is the adventure capital of the destination.

At 5,427 feet lies the Arenal Volcano around large green hillsides and blue waters. The volcano is presently in its resting phase after being active for 43 years. Enjoy hiking around the National Park and experience some unique ecosystems throughout the area.

Arenal Volcano

Moreover, it is home to hot springs that were used as therapeutic baths for over 200 years. Don’t miss out on La Fortuna, a farming town close to the volcano and known for a waterfall that is 200 feet falling into a pool of crystal water. Furthermore, make sure to experience the largest lake in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal. The lake is an oasis for fishing, kayaking, and other water activities. It is seen throughout the park from the ziplines, hiking trails, and routes to the town and hotels.



Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park, in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is a must-see! It has beaches, forest trails, diverse rainforests, and animal habitats. Named one of the worlds’ most beautiful parks by Forbes Magazine, this park is a treat for all travelers visiting Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Some travelers spend their entire trip in the park due to the range of activities that include something for everyone!

Make a stop at Espadilla Sur Beach and Manuel Antonio Beach, which are a 30-minute hike from the park’s entrance. The beaches are the perfect spot for sunset chasing, stunning landscapes, and lounging under the sun. Most travelers stop here for beach-like activities like snorkeling, swimming, and fishing.

The Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is a less-developed area than most tourist spots of the country. However, it features some of the most laidback spots and is becoming a widely visited area. The culture of people is different whereas most locals are Afro-Caribbean, giving the area a Rasta vibe that is significantly different from other areas.

Caribbean Coast, Costa RicaPuerto Viejo is a surf paradise and a seaside village that is gaining popularity. The city is the greenest and most sustainable in all of Costa Rica. It revels in sustainability through recycling, habitat preservation, and eco-tourism.

Treat yourself to an exciting journey reflecting the locals of this coast. Moreover, indulge in an array of dining experiences and revel in the rich culture of the people who live there.


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