Family Travel – Your Guide to a Hotel Search

We know how it feels to travel with a family and the difficulty of finding the perfect hotel. Travelers search thousands of hotels that cater to their needs, especially for the little ones who seek activities to keep them entertained.

There’s much to look for when deciding on the best hotel to book for your stay. There are several factors you should be taking into consideration during your search; especially for adults traveling with young children. These key factors include health and safety policies, online ratings, facilities, and much more.

We at Triphop have gathered the key elements of the perfect hotel stay when traveling with kids. Here’s what you should be looking for before booking your next stay…

Health and Safety Precautions

First off, booking a hotel post-pandemic has proven to be more difficult than it sounds. Families are looking for hotels that deliver a safe stay; from the cleanliness of the rooms to the public areas and staff service.

Safety and Hygiene in HotelsMost hotel companies implemented new safety and hygiene precautions to accommodate for travel post-pandemic. However, traveling in bigger groups is more challenging when guaranteeing that children and older travelers do not contract anything during their stay.

Therefore, we strongly advise that travelers seek hotels with accredited hygiene practices when booking their stay. These include touchless services such as check-in and check-out, social distancing policies in public areas, as well as the availability of personal protective equipment when needed.

Ratings and Reviews

Secondly, checking online ratings and reviews can alter your booking decision extensively, especially before arriving at your destination. When booking a property for your trip, make sure to check our previous traveler reviews on the hotel’s services and overall stay. In fact, 96% of bookers claim that it is of utter importance to check out a hotel’s reviews before booking.

Hotel Ratings

There are several ways to search for a hotel’s reputable status online. On Triphop, for instance, you can narrow down the hotel search from the filters to include hotels that received a specific rating on Google. Most online travel sites have filters that show your preferred rating for hotels on the search.

Other channels for checking out a hotel’s status are Google, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. We recommend doing your research before booking your stay to ensure a seamless trip for everyone!

Facilities and Amenities

Furthermore, travelers should seek a hotel’s facilities and amenities prior to making their booking. When traveling with a family, guests tend to lean more into hotels that provide a diverse portfolio of facilities and amenities that cater to different ages and interests.

Most travelers traveling with children seek facilities that pertain to kids’ entertainment and activities. Those include kids’ clubs, programs and activities, kids pools, babysitting, and more. These facilities are useful when couples with kids look for some private leisure and shopping during the day. They allow travelers to have a worry-free stay while kids enjoy daily activity programs whether in a kids’ club or by the pool.

Also, amenities are very important when traveling with kids. Those include the availability of kids’ channels on room televisions, kids’ menus, and in-room entertainment options just as games and puzzles.

Location and Surroundings

Another key factor is the location and the surroundings of the hotel. Properties surrounded by an abundance of entertainment, dining, and family venues are the perfect choice for families traveling with kids.

A lot of properties are located in city centers and nearby districts that provide a range of restaurants, theme parks, and shopping malls. These properties are highly recommended for several reasons. First, the hassle of getting to these places and touristic areas is decreased significantly when the hotel is a few minutes away by foot or car. Secondly, it allows adults to leisure while their children are partaking in the kids’ club activities during the day.

Room Size and Space

Additionally, room size is key when looking for the perfect hotel. Whether you are looking for spacious, interconnected, or separate rooms, always consider the space your family needs to ensure comfort.

Some look for connected room availability in hotels, these rooms include a door that inter-connects them to one another. This approach is taken by many family travelers who will enjoy privacy and comfort knowing that the kids are just a doorknob away.

On the other hand, some guests look for spacious rooms to add an extra bed for their child inside. This practice is common when kids require extra care and attention during a trip. When looking to add an extra bed, we strongly advise searching for properties with large spaces and rooms so that your comfort is not jeopardized during the trip.

Cancellation Policies

Finally, we advise looking for flexible cancelation policies when booking a property for a family. Multiple room bookings tend to come with a higher chance of plans changing. This is different when it comes to couple travel whereas responsibility is minimal than traveling with kids.

Most properties offer cancelation policies that allow you to cancel before a certain period of time without fees. We highly recommend selecting those hotels when looking to travel in a group with diverse age groups.




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Hala TaherMay 20, 2021