Best European Cities to Visit in 2021

Treat your curiosity to boundless experiences of food, art, culture, and history in Europe this summer! Europe tells an enticing historic tale; there’s no doubt that it brings some of the most world-renowned destinations that we’ve all dreamt of.

From ancient cities to snow-powdered mountains, there’s much to discover in this awe-inspiring continent. When in Europe, you’ll discover an array of cultural, local, and gastronomic experiences that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Furthermore, the locals of each destination define the cultural diversity that comes with every aspect of your trip.

There’s much to see, discover, and taste; that’s why we’re about to highlight four breathtaking destinations to inspire your next trip!

Barcelona, Spain

To start, discover a city that blends the medieval with the modern; Barcelona, Spain. From unique architecture, medieval cathedrals, and a vibrant local scene, Barcelona is a European gem attracting tourists from every corner of this globe.Barcelona, Spain

First, let out your inner foodie to the local dining culture of this buzzing city. From alfresco cafes to local art shops and bars, the streets of Las Ramblas should be your go-to! Every aspect of this market reflects local culture, bringing one of the most experiential attractions that the city has to offer.

Next, visit La Sagrada Família (Church of The Sacred Family). The construction of this church was the lifetime mission of Antoni Gaudí and is still being constructed to this day! Interestingly, Gaudí aimed to explain Catholicism through the architecture of the church, which is a treat to the eyes inside and out. Similarly, there’s a lot to see in Barcelona if you seek historic architecture, including Casa Batlló, Catedral de Barcelona, and much more.

On another note, Barcelona features an abundance of scenic parks throughout its landscape. Of those is Park Güell, where you’ll find the iconic mosaic lizard. The park was a collaboration between Eusebi Güell and Antoni Gaudí. Another park to visit is Parc de la Ciutadella, which features a zoo, a regional parliament, and many famous landmarks.

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Prague, Czech Republic  

If you’re making your way to Europe, we highly recommend visiting Prague during your trip. A little smaller than other destinations, Prague brings a range of natural and cultural treasures to tourists from all over the world.

Firstly, this city boasts some of the most fascinating castles and churches in Europe. This includes the famous Prague Castle, Old Royale Palace, and more. Also, monumental landmarks are abundant in Prague, such as Charles Bridge, Saint Vitus Cathedral, and Hradcany Castle; which were built in the 14th century.Prague, Czech Republic

Furthermore, you’ll find an abundance of recreational parks and districts as you walk through this stunning city. The heart of those is the Old Town Square, a UNESCO-protected attraction with picture-perfect sights in every direction. As you take a stroll in the Old Town Square, you’ll find the architectural marvels of the gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn as well as the 15th-century Astronomical Clock. There’s much to see in the streets of Prague, from art-inspired cafes and installations to holiday markets and an array of culinary experiences.

Finally, the nightlife of this European hotspot serves a culture of its own. The city brings a large selection of pubs and beer halls that are perfect to get to know the local scene. The city is also filled with art and theatre venues such as operas and cultural events throughout the year, make sure to check those out before your trip!

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Santorini, Greece

Next up is a destination that you’ll instantly fall in love with! Take a trip to Santorini, Greece, and enjoy an epitome of Mediterranean beauty and life from every angle. Santorini is a worldwide head-turner with its mystical island landscape and multicolored architecture. Moreover, it includes a group of volcanic islands with a crater that is the sea, which is very rare to find.Santorini, Greece

Foremost, Santorini is the perfect destination for a European beach escape. The islands boast stretched white sand and limitless sea views and sunsets, marking it as a bucket-list destination for many around the world. Some must-see beaches include Perivolos, Perissa, Kamari, and more; all in close proximity to tourist hubs and resorts.

Santorini is situated in the Aegean Sea, where one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history took place. The volcano eruption resulted in a submerged caldera and crater that defines the island’s stunning landscape. Accordingly, its capital, Fira, provides visitors with a panoramic view of the volcano along with white and blue houses and churches.

Additionally, there’s so much to do and discover during your visit to this iconic destination. Tourists and locals spend their days strolling the cliffs and walkways of the island, admiring its beauty and essence from within. Tourists can also partake in many activities during their stay including winery visits, archaeology tours, sun-set tours, and cruises along the sea.

Don’t miss out on the local culture of the islanders along with a Mediterranean culinary experience you’ll never forget!

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Vienna, Austria

Last but not least, discover the charm and history of Vienna, Austria! We’ve all dreamt of the artistic scene and world-renowned culinary of this European gem, now it’s time to discover a little more about this enticing city.

Vienna, Austria

When in Vienna, you should definitely drop by one of the many artistic and musical masterpieces that surround the City.  The Hofburg Palace is a must-see, it is home to every ruler since 1275 and sits on 59 acres with 18 buildings, including 19 courtyards. The complex includes the Burgkapele (Imperial Chapel) as well as the Kaiser (Imperial) apartments that are open to the public eye.

Next, take a stroll on the Danube river, Austria’s most iconic commercial and cultural hub. The Danube river defines the historic culture of the city, specifically the coffee-house culture and epicurean design scene. Immerse yourself to the home of iconic pastries that reflect Austria, from danishes to cakes that will give a sense of taste to your trip.

Similarly, Music should be a huge part of your visit to Vienna. The city has an enriched musical heritage from the orchestra, opera, and choir. Some of the music scene hotspots include the Musikverein, the Staatsoper, and Konzerthaus; which starred celebrated musicians like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven.

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Before You Go…

We hope you’ve been inspired to take on Europe this summer! With an abundance of experiences from culinary to culture, we guarantee a fun trip for travelers of all interests.
Make sure to stay tuned on the specified travel policies pertaining to each country before booking your trip!