Travel Updates for Vaccinated Travelers

As millions of Americans are getting vaccinated every day, travelers started planning for a long-awaited trip to international borders. Several countries around the world begun easing travel restrictions to vaccinated travelers, including those in the US.

At the time of publishing this blog, travelers visiting specific countries can avoid mandatory quarantine policies upon entry. Some countries also eased testing regulations upon entry for vaccinated travelers. This, however, is applicable when two weeks pass from the second dose of the vaccine.

Although being vaccinated minimizes your risk of contraction, we recommend maintaining safety precautions in public areas during travel.

After over a year of restrictions and cancellations, Americans are ready to re-discover the world outside national borders. Here are some world-renowned destinations ready to welcome vaccinated Americans starting this summer, along with their specified travel policies.

Make sure to check the travel restrictions of your destinations as these policies do tend to shift with the pandemic situation worldwide.  We also recommend checking the CDC’s travel advisory list which is regularly updated.

Looking to travel to The Caribbean?

Many Caribbean islands are officially ready to welcome back American travelers to their tropical landscapes. After a long-awaited period of lockdowns and travel restrictions, there’s no better way to re-kindle travel in the sun. Not only does the Caribbean boast stunning tropical scenery, but also a world of culture that makes their trip more memorable.
Visiting The Caribbean

First off, The Bahamas bypassed all resting requirements with the condition of completing the Travel Health Visa application along with proof of full vaccination. On the other hand, some islands like Bermuda require negative PCR tests prior to arrival, regardless of the vaccinated status of the traveler. Travelers will also need to take another PCR test upon arrival along with a 24-hour quarantine before setting off on their trip. Non-vaccinated travelers will need quarantine for four days after arrival before testing negative again.

Furthermore, The British Virgin Islands announced that fully vaccinated travelers will have to present a negative PCR test prior to travel along with a test on arrival without any quarantine restrictions if the test comes out negative.

To conclude, every Caribbean Island presents different restrictions to travelers depending on their vaccination status. We strongly advise that you check them prior to heading to your trip as these restrictions shift with the pandemic situation.

Looking to travel to Europe?

Secondly, several EU members have announced the opening of their borders starting July to commemorate summer into the European borders. However, several countries are already welcoming back vaccinated travelers without any restrictions upon arrival.

Celebrate the season on the streets of Europe as you encounter awe-inspiring architecture, culture, nightlife, and more. From a Mediterranean escape to Greece to a culture-filled getaway to France, Europe is back and is ready to welcome travelers from around the globe.

Traveling to Europe

To start off, both Spain and Denmark have eased travel restrictions to vaccinated travelers. It applies as long as they show proof of vaccination and passing 14 days from their last dose. France, on the other hand, requires travelers to have a negative test on arrival with a vaccine certificate to avoid quarantine policies.

On the other hand, Croatia and Cyprus are welcoming back vaccinated travelers without the need for PCR testing upon arrival. With proof of vaccination, you’ll be on your way to discovering these stunning destinations.


More restrictions are expected to be eased as the EU members conclude their decisions for their summer re-opening in July, stay tuned for those updates prior to booking your trip!

Looking to travel to Asia?

Though several countries are opening to vaccinated travelers, Asian countries, specifically in the Far East, did not ease restrictions. Most countries such as Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, and more are not allowing international travelers into their borders. With cases rising in India and other parts of the continent, Asian borders are not open to international visitors. These restrictions are present at the time of writing this blog. However, they might shift as the pandemic starts easing over the borders. Make sure to check these restrictions prior to travel.

Traveling to Asia

In some cases, such as in Thailand, you can enter with a long-term visa when you plan on spending a minimum of 90 days. This comes with a negative PCR test requirement and a 10–14-day quarantine, regardless of the vaccination status of the tourist.

In the Maldives, however, resorts and hotels are open and are welcoming tourists back since December 2020. Tourists need to present a negative test taken within 96 hours regardless of their vaccination status.

Looking to travel within the US?

While international travel is tempting after a long pandemic, US travelers have plenty of destinations to choose from within the borders. Without complex travel restrictions and testing requirements, there’s much to discover in the US if you’re looking for some time off!

South Beach, Miami

For example, take some time off on the beaches of Hawaii if you’re looking for some fun in the sun. Hawaii has an array of resorts available to visitors that deliver an extravagant island experience.

Also, you can hop in an adrenaline-filled escape in the deserts of Arizona for an African-safari-like experience. You might even choose to spend a weekend in Miami to enjoy some sun and vibrant nightlife to celebrate the summer.

Traveling domestically is not only safer but also eases stress on testing and restrictions for your trip.