Top Things to See in Dubai20210811104559

Top Things to See in Dubai

Hala TaherAugust 11, 2021, , , , 0 comments
Explore an epitome of luxury and modern-day attractions this summer in Dubai! Located in the United Arab Emirates, this middle-eastern hotspot records...
A Cultural Experience in Denmark20210727100312

A Cultural Experience in Denmark

Planning a post-pandemic escape? Head on a Scandinavian adventure this summer and explore the marvels of Denmark. Discover incomparable hospitality fr...
Top Destinations in Greece20210716133700

Top Destinations in Greece

Discover a land known for its natural beauty and stunning landscape. Escape to Greece this summer and unravel an array of ancient sites, bright blue w...
Discover Italy with These Top 4 Cities20210706111327

Discover Italy with These Top 4 Cities

Italy is a country that’s always been on top of many traveler lists for years. The country brings all kinds of experiences for travelers seeking...
Explore Canada, A Haven for Urban and Nature Tourism20210626134909

Explore Canada, A Haven for Urban and Nature Tourism

Take a trip down to the 2nd biggest country in the world, Canada! Discover limitless landscapes of nature, beauty, wildlife, and cultural diversity li...
Travel Updates for Vaccinated Travelers20210609104055

Travel Updates for Vaccinated Travelers

As millions of Americans are getting vaccinated every day, travelers started planning for a long-awaited trip to international borders. Several countr...
Best European Cities to Visit in 202120210602112859

Best European Cities to Visit in 2021

Treat your curiosity to boundless experiences of food, art, culture, and history in Europe this summer! Europe tells an enticing historic tale; there...
Experience Pura Vida in Costa Rica20210322110408

Experience Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only popular for its picture-perfect beach setting, but also for its unique landscape for sustainable tourism and wildlife diversity...
Jordan, A World of Discovery20210228132822

Jordan, A World of Discovery

Hala TaherFebruary 28, 20210 comments
Jordan is a Middle-Eastern gem that welcomes travelers into its beautiful landscape throughout the year. It is a popular destination for many traveler...
Travel Trends to Look Out for in 202120210221111223

Travel Trends to Look Out for in 2021

We have witnessed COVID-19 shift the travel landscape in the last year. With new travel regulations in place and a new way of living implemented world...